For many expats living in Cambodia, learning the local language of Khmer is an important step to truly immerse themselves in the culture and way of life. However, Khmer presents many challenges for native English speakers that can feel quite daunting at first. With the right strategies and mindset, fluency in this lesser-known language is […]

Cambodia has become a popular destination for native English speakers looking to teach English as a foreign language. With its low cost of living, fascinating culture, and growing economy, Cambodia offers expats the chance to earn a living while experiencing life in an exotic location. This guide provides an overview of teaching English in Cambodia, […]

With its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant culture, Cambodia offers more than just a travel destination for curious tourists. For expatriates seeking a blend of comfort and affordability, this Southeast Asian gem becomes a place they proudly call home. But what makes Cambodia such an appealing destination for these global nomads? Grocery Galore: Savoring […]

Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine is a delicious yet overlooked part of Southeast Asian food culture. With influences from neighboring Vietnam and Thailand, as well as a touch of French flair, Cambodian food offers a unique blend of flavors. Though it lacks the international fame of other regional cuisines, it is well worth discovering for any adventurous […]

Cambodia has a rich cultural heritage that has been shaped by the blending of diverse religious faiths over its long history. Religion has played a pivotal role in inspiring Cambodia’s unique Khmer culture and artistic traditions. The Indian Roots of Cambodian Religion and Culture The foundations of Cambodian religion and culture trace back to the […]

Mention “Cambodia” and most people imagine ancient temples like Angkor Wat bathed in sunshine. This Southeast Asian country does indeed enjoy a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year-round. For tourists, Cambodia offers idyllic beach weather in the winter months and emptier attractions during the green, lush rainy season. Central Location Makes for Consistent Warmth Cambodia’s […]

Cambodia’s official currency is the riel, but US dollars play an equally important role in the country’s monetary system. This unique situation of having two parallel currencies can be confusing for visitors. This guide explains Cambodian currency, when to use each, exchanging money, and the ongoing process of “de-dollarization”. Cambodian Riel The riel is the […]

Cambodia is a fascinating country to visit or live in, with ancient temples, lush jungles, stunning beaches, and friendly locals. As the country continues to develop its tourism infrastructure, it’s easier than ever for foreigners to get a Cambodian visa. This guide covers everything you need to know about the types of visas available, fees, […]