Pura Vita Resort

  • Island:
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4 Stars
  • Average Price / Night: $65

Koh Rong is famous for its serene beauty, often described as an ‘island paradise’ by visiting tourists. The island boasts beautiful pristine white beaches, clear turquoise ocean waters, and a tropical jungle wilderness containing several native species…

Pura Vita Resort is located on the beautiful Long Beach on Koh Rong. This beach is perfect for people who want to enjoy the spectacular views in a quiet relaxed environment, and who don’t mind being 1 hour away from the main bars, restaurants, and shops. Our review team has visited this resort and rate it 4 / 5 – It is a Good place to stay. In peak season, demand for all resorts is high, so please book your resort early if you are interested.

Long Beach on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia Map 3

Pura Vita Resort is located on a fabulous section of the breathtaking Long Beach. Being over an hour walk from Koh Touch, the resort is isolated away from the main tourist attractions. Expect peace and quiet, magnificent scenery, and back-to-basics accommodation. The rooms are quite rustic but there is a private bathroom and a shower (though there is no hot water). Mosquito nets, towels, and linen are provided. There is no 24-hour electricity or Wi-Fi, adding to that ‘deserted island’ feel. There is just one restaurant at the resort, and although it is a little over-priced, it is of a good standard and offers a variety of foods. Please Note: The resort can pick you up by Taxi Boat from the main pier on Koh Touch. Once you have made your reservation, Pura Vita will provide details. For information on how to get from Sihanoukville to Koh Touch on Koh Rong, visit Sihanoukville to Koh Rong. To help you plan your trip, see also: Koh Rong Beach Guide, Koh Rong Hotel Guide, and Koh Rong Weather.