Embark on a scenic journey from the tranquil town of Kampot to the bustling capital city of Phnom Penh. Recent advancements in transportation have made the trip smoother and more enjoyable, offering a range of options from luxurious taxis to comfortable buses and charming trains. This guide will give you all the updated information you need for buses, taxis, and trains from Kampot to Phnom Penh. P.S. You can book online now and save up to 30%:


Taxis: Comfort and Convenience

Travel in comfort with a private taxi from Kampot to Phnom Penh. The journey, approximately 3 hours long, lets you enjoy Cambodia’s beautiful landscapes – watch this video to see some of the beautiful countryside you’ll pass during your taxi drive:


Fares for a private taxi are generally around $50, with the option to choose upscale vehicles like a Lexus 4×4 for an additional cost. Taxis offer flexibility with stops for sightseeing and breaks, making your travel experience more relaxed and enjoyable. Book your taxi in advance online for the best rates and a hassle-free experience:

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Buses: Economical and Reliable

Select from a diverse range of bus services for your journey from Kampot to Phnom Penh. Alongside options like Ekareach Express, Kampot Express, and Cambodia Post VIP, renowned providers such as Giant Ibis and Mekong Express also offer routes between these cities.

Kampot Express Bus from Kampot to Phnom Penh
Kampot Express bus from Kampot to Phnom Penh


Economy buses, which can accommodate about 50 passengers, are priced between $4-$6, while VIP buses, with a seating capacity of 15, cost between $6-$10. VIP buses are faster, taking about 4 hours compared to the 4.5 hours by economy buses, and provide a more comfortable journey. Secure your bus seat now and enjoy a journey that combines affordability with comfort:

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Train: A Scenic Route

For a unique travel experience, consider the Royal Railway train from Kampot to Phnom Penh. The train ride takes about 5 hours and offers a chance to witness the picturesque Cambodian countryside.

A Cambodian train from Kampot to Phnom Penh
A Cambodian train between Kampot and Phnom Penh


Tickets are affordable, around $7 for a one-way trip, and the carriages are equipped with air conditioning and entertainment. Be prepared for occasional delays, and book your train ticket in advance for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Conclusion: A Journey to Remember

Your trip from Kampot to Phnom Penh is an exploration through Cambodia’s stunning landscapes and vibrant urban life. Whether you opt for the personalized service of a taxi, the communal experience of a bus, or the charming allure of the train, each mode of transport provides a unique window into the heart of Cambodia. Plan your journey now and get ready for an unforgettable experience from the serene ambiance of Kampot to the dynamic energy of Phnom Penh.



Q: How do you travel from Kampot to Phnom Penh?

A: If you want to travel from Kampot to Phnom Penh, you can either take a bus, a private taxi, or the train. If you’re looking for a bit of comfort during your trip, then a private taxi is your best option. The journey will take approximately 3 hours in total and will cost about $50.

Q: How long is the train ride from Kampot to Phnom Penh?

A: The train ride from Kampot to Phnom Penh typically takes about 5 hours. This scenic journey offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Cambodian countryside along the way. The train features comfortable carriages, complete with air conditioning and entertainment options, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience.

Q: How much is a taxi from Kampot to Phnom Penh?

A taxi ride from Kampot to Phnom Penh generally costs around $50. The taxis offer a comfortable and scenic drive through the Cambodian countryside, taking approximately 3 hours. For those seeking a more luxurious experience, premium vehicles like Lexus 4x4s are also available, which may cost slightly more. It’s advisable to book your taxi in advance to secure the best rates and ensure a reliable service.

Q: How many kilometer from Kampot to Phnom Penh?

A: The calculated flying distance from Kampot to Phnom Penh is about 83 miles (133 km). If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Kampot and Phnom Penh is 148 km.

Q: How many days do you need in Phnom Penh?

A: We recommend that you spend about two days in Phnom Penh – one full day for the museums, and one day / half day to take a look around riverside (in particular, the area around the Royal Palace).

Q: How many days should I spend in Cambodia?

A: We would recommend that you spend at least 10 days in Cambodia. An itinerary could go something like this:

Day 1 – Fly into Phnom Penh.
Day 2 – Visit Phnom Penh Museums.
Day 3 – Travel to Siem Reap.
Day 4 – Visit Angkor Wat.
Day 5 – Explore Siem Reap.
Day 6 – Fly to Sihanoukville.
Day 7 – Travel to Koh Rong.
Day 8 – Relax on Koh Rong.
Day 9 – Travel to Koh Rong Samloem.
Day 10 – Explore Koh Rong Samloem.

Q: Is Cambodia safe?

A: Generally, Cambodia is a safe country – it is ranked the 59th safest country in the world, with violent crime being a rarity. The only exceptions are remote areas of large cities, so please be sensible with where you visit. Cambodian people are generally very respectful and friendly towards foreign men and women, but as with any poorer country, poverty is an issue. As such, we recommend that you do not wear expensive jewellery, leave your belongings unattended, or get heavily intoxicated. Otherwise, relax, explore, and enjoy yourself!

Q: What is the best time to go to Cambodia?

A: We would say that the best time to go to Cambodia is between the middle of November and the start of May. During these months you’ll have beautiful hot days (25°C – 40°C) with very little cloud and low humidity.

Q: What is the best currency to use in Cambodia?

A: The best currency to use in Cambodia is the US Dollar, or the local Khmer Riel – Both currencies are accepted everywhere in the country.

Q: What should you not wear in Cambodia?

A: Cambodia is a Buddhist country, and local people, especially the older generations, adhere to strict dress codes. As such, if you plan on visiting non-tourist areas, men should not wear shorts or vests, while women should not wear mini-skirts, tight yoga pants, or other revealing clothing.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will reply ASAP.